Tuesday, November 20, 2012

OUCARES 2012 Film Premier

Excitement mounts as 50 children with autism prepare to celebrate their accomplishments at the 2012 OUCARES Film Premier.  The program, which has been held at Oakland University for the past seven years, brings together many people to support the creative talents possessed by many individuals who are on the autism spectrum.
When the lights dimmed, the premier began immediately with a laugh out loud moment from the audience.  There were many such moments of humorous honesty as the campers, a handful of which have participated in the program since the beginning, flourished under the guidance of a professional film crew.
The camp, which took place back in August, is an Inclusion Camp run by actor/director Joey Travolta, the older brother of celebrity John Travolta.
 “Why do I do this?  It’s because of the kids,” said Travolta.
Inclusion Camps have been proven to bring out hidden potential in people on the autism spectrum that those close to them never could have imagined beforehand.
“I know this works.  It’s about creating opportunities,” said Travolta.
These kinds of opportunities are certainly needed.  Travolta said that there is a 90% unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities.  This includes individuals who are on the autism spectrum.
OUCARES and Travolta are working together to give individuals on the autism spectrum what they need to succeed not only in creating a short film, but skills that they can call upon the rest of their lives.
“I’m indebted to Oakland University for starting my career,” said Travolta.

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