Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Photography Program

Some photographers spend their whole lives looking for that one picture that will make history and break all the records.  And all of those photographers start out somewhere.  Brand new this semester, OUCARES is offering a photography program for teens on the autism spectrum.  In this program, participants learn about three kinds of photos: scenic, or nature photos, action or moving shots, and candid or shots portraying people and their feelings.

Business owner Stephanie Aberlich was the instructor for this program.  Aberlich is the president and founder of Hatch Boutique, a photography décor company located in Royal Oak.  Hatch Boutique specializes in family portraits, portraits of weddings and of babies.  Stephanie is enthusiastic about passing on her skills to the talented individuals with autism.

I stopped by the photography program a few days ago.  During this meeting, they were making a collage of everything they had done prior to this point.  Aberlich was working with one of the participants to select scenic, action, and candid photos out of a celebrity magazine for the collage.  Personally, I believe that encouraging those with autism to exercise their creativity does wonders for them.  I know that it really helped me.

Aberlich is hoping for a greater turnout the next time this photography program is offered.  This term’s program only had two participants.  Regardless of that, Aberlich gave each of the students the care and dedication that she would give a room full of participants.

For more information about this photography program, visit the OUCARES website at

For more information about Hatch Boutique, visit their website at

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