Thursday, November 10, 2011

After Hours Adult Social

Social interaction may not be natural for those with autism, but it does not mean that those skills cannot be learned.  OUCARES offers opportunities on a monthly basis for adults with autism so that they are able to practice their social skills in a fun, interactive environment.

The After-Hours adult social is held once a month.  The event takes place in Bumpers Game room, which is in the lower level of the Oakland Center, on campus at Oakland University.  There is no cost to attend the adult social, although donations are greatly appreciated.  

“After Hours” is offered through OUCARES and funded by ASA/OCC, which is a support group for those 18 years and older, who have Aspergers Syndrome, HFA, or PDD/NOS.

I was diagnosed with PDD/NOS when I was twelve.  I am senior attending Oakland University for marketing and creative writing.  A few months ago, I received the opportunity to attend the After-Hours Adult Social.  While I am autistic, I am very high functioning.   Often my symptoms can pass unnoticed by those who do not have autism.   I had a great time hanging out with the people at the event.  I learned how to play a new strategy game called Pente, and while I didn’t win, I still had an enjoyable time. 

The next After-Hours Adult social will be held on Monday, November 21st from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Stop by for a night of pizza, conversations, cards, billiards, and most of all, fun!

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